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Anita &​ Trent

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November 8th 2021

Our Story

Anita and Trent met 10 years ago in Newport News, VA for the first time.

Anita had gone to dance and support her friends, who were musicians playing at a local bar.

Trent had gone to the same venue to meet up with a friend that had just returned from living across the country for several years.

Mistaking Trent for a friend, Anita approached him but quickly realized she was wrong and brushed it off with a bit of idle chit chat.

Trent’s friend eventually showed up and to Anita’s surprise, he was one her friends too.

This opened the door for a proper introduction and more conversation.

At the end of the night, Anita’s friend noticed she took a liking to Trent and invited him to her upcoming birthday party.

He agreed and as they went their separate ways, Trent’s friend exclaimed in a long and almost sing song voice “She likes you”!

Trent showed up to the birthday party and we continued to enjoy each other’s company.

Ten days later, Trent asked Anita if she wanted to “go steady”…

and after a decade together, they are getting married in November of this year.

Anita Olsen​

Dr. Anita J. Olsen PhD

Trenton Yax​

Trenton Lee Yax

Love is like water, it’s essential for life.

Trenton L. Yax

The Ceremony

Join us virtually for a viking faerie themed wedding from Dream on the Beach in Nags Head, North Carolina.

Monday November 8th, 2021​

2:00 PM EST

Streaming Online

Live Stream Link click here

Gifts for the Couple

We have 2 options for our wedding gift registry with the following links

Online Wedding Gift Registry

or our

Baby Fund

As a part of our wedding gift registry, we would like to add the option to help us with donations towards our Baby Fund to help support our chances at having a child. We are seeking medical help for a process known as INVOcell.

As a supporter, we are sure to share our future family member with you!

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